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       Drywood swarmer                    Drywood droppings                    Drywood droppings      

  drywood termites

      Subterranean worker              Subterranean swarmer            Subterranean mud tubes   

 subterranean termites

  Modern termite control considers each site unique,  with each being treatable with a combination of strategies such as liquid application and baits.  Effective termite control also includes non-chemical materials and methods.  Most of the current termiticides are formulated as liquids for below-ground application.  Baits provide a toxic material that is returned to the nest and eventually eliminates the colony. 

  All termites are not alike.  There are differences in biology and behavior among closely related species,  even those occurring together in the same geographic area.  The species that attack structural wood are classified as subterranean,  dampwood,  and drywood termites.  Subterranean termites nest in the soil.  Dampwood termites are less common,  and infest wood that is wet and decayed by fungi.  Drywood termites infest wood that is not in contact with soil.